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7 Games You Can Play On Google!

As someone growing up with computers, I spend probably thousands of hours playing video games. They are great for relaxation and fun. Because it is weekend, we will explore some games you can play with the most powerful search engine - Google.


Snake is a simple video game where you are in charge of a line that gets longer with each point (eaten item). Google Snake is beautiful colorful game what you can play by googling snake. Snake Game on Google.

Atari Breakout

This is probably best game available on Google search engine. To get started go to images and type - "atari breakout". After each round Google find other pictures to play. Atari Breakout game on Google Images.

Tic Tac Toe

An uncomplicated game that we can play with our friends. Unfortunately, tic tac toe is an unwinnable game, so after a short time, it's boring :). Tic Tac Toe on Google.


The solitaire is the favourite game of my Mom. This modest but fun game has more than 50 alterations! You can play the most classic one on Google. Classic solitaire on Google.

Google Pac-Man.

Pacman is one of the most famous arcade game of all time. Developed by Namco, has been rewritten and ported countless times. Pac-Man is the most recognizable game of all time and one of most encashed. So to play Pac-Man on Google do what header say :) - Google Pac-Man or PacMan. Pac-Man Google Doodle.

Pac-Man Doodle was released May 21, 2010 - celebrating 30th Pac-Man Birthday.

Zerg Rush - Starcraft classic.

Zerg Rush is most annoying and newbie-killing strategy in the best RTS (Real Time Strategy) game ever - StarCraft by Blizzard. If you want to feel evilness of this scheme just Google zerg rush and play the game. The evil zerglings (the basic unit of Zerg army), will attack your Google search results. Protect them at all cost :), just click on 'zerglings'.

StarCraft Zerg Rush on Google.

Because StarCraft is a skill based game, you will see your APM (Action Per Minute) counter. The best StarCraft and StarCraft II players can hold up to 600 APM during battles. And no matter how hard it is to believe but it's about 10 actions per second.

Another fun fact is that not so long ago Blizzard made original StarCraft Remastered, the game has unexpected, unique name StarCraft Remastered. It's worth buying - and I'm saying it as proud owner :).

Conway's Game of Life.

Well, this is not the game you can play, but one you can observe. Conway Game of life is easy to produce a simulation, that probably every computer science student has to implement. To invoke game of life in Google - type Conway's Game of Life. You will find widget near Images (top right corner). Google game of life is interactive, so you can stop the simulation and add/remove cells, there is also button invoking next step of the simulation. Conway Game of Life on Google.


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