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Geeky Tricks With Duckduckgo (DDG).

This week we explore mostly unique DuckDuckGo command, sub-searches, queries and powerful widgets. Things like bangs and keyboard navigations made me DDG loyal user.

Bangs - the useful shortcuts.

Bangs allow you to search other websites directly from DDG. You just type !{bang_name} your query. For example !wa integral sin(x)/cos(x) will ask Wolfram Alpha about some easy integral. !w Alexander the Great will search Wikipedia for one of the most prominent historical figures.

There are currently about 11 thousand bangs. As I said in the previous post what I admire about DuckDuckGo is being open, and with bangs, you will find another example - you can submit your bang here.

As trivia, I can tell that in SEQE we have a similar feature on our roadmap. DuckDuckGo Bangs! Example.

Navigating with a keyboard.

Whenever you use Google/Bing/Yahoo/Baidu/Yandex or any other search engine you have to use a mouse to get your results. Some power users have plugins for navigation; the perfect example is vimperator. There are also plugins for Chrome Vimium that also provides vim like navigation keybindings.

DuckDuckGo has useful key shortcuts out of the box.

Navigation key shortcuts:

Key/s Function
and Navigates through search sections (Web Images Videos) and special sections if available, eg. Answer, News, Products.
or j Goes to next result, note that j is vim like shortcut
or k Goes to the previous result, once more it is vim like shortcuts
h or / Goes to the search box so that you can retype your query, once more / is similar to vim keybindings.
m Goes to main (first no advertisement) result.

Results key shortcuts:

Key/s Function
Enter or o or l Open highlighted result. Note if none of the results is highlighted it open the first result
Ctrl + Enter Open highlighted result in new tab.
d Search on a domain of highlighted result.
v or ' Open result in new tab/window. On most browsers works same as CTRL + Enter.


You can ask DDG about a cheat sheet for games, programs, programming languages. Just type lol cheat sheet to get League of Legends hotkeys and commands. You can type cheat sheet python and get the nice cheat sheet for Python programming language. integral cheat sheet and differential cheat sheet return proper cheat sheets. If you want to learn Linux basic commands, type Linux cheat sheet and give it a try :). DuckDuckGo Linux Cheet Sheet.

HTML Colors palete.

Just type HTML colors and DDG will return basic HTML colors. DuckDuckGo HTML colors pallete.

No pages, just scroll.

Desperate times call for desperate measures - sometimes you have to look into second or even third page of Google (and other search engines). There is no such thing as N-th page of DuckDuckGo search result. You just scroll down as long as your search engine can provide useful data :). Note that scroll is limited.

Timer and stopwatch.

I am huge Pomodoro technique fan - this simple time management technique is handy and powerful. However, to use it properly, you need a timer. With Duck Duck Go you can make timer chains, so once set I'm using them my whole working day.

Following image represents my Pomodoro timer. DuckDuckGo Pomodoro Timer. Another simple DDG widget is a stopwatch. Stopwatch is presented below. DuckDuckGo stopwatch

QR Code generation.

QR codes are an excellent way to store information. You can make your QR code with DuckDuckGo built-in QR code generator. To do so just type QR your information here. Note that this generator is smart enough to make URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) QR for websites and web resources, e.g. and text QR for not URI data.


Weather another useful trick - you can check the weather with DDG. Just type weather or weather location to get current and weekly weather. Weather without a location will return a result based on your IP geolocation.

Getting a definition of ...

Have you ever listen What is Love? by Haddaway - Here is a link. Well, right now you might ask you search engine about it. Just type definition of love into DuckDuckGo search bar and stop asking a silly question. Definition of Gender provided by DuckDuckGo

Soundcloud integration.

Soundcloud is one most popular audio distribution platform, extremely popular among independent creators, DDG is integrated with this fantastic service. For example mulan soundcloud will return songs from one of my favorite Disney movie Mulan. DuckDuckGo SoundCloud example.

xkcd integration.

DuckDuckGo provides integration with favorite nerdy comics known as xkdc. Just type xkdc number to get comic. There are navigations and Explain It! links :), so you can enjoy them without moving away from your beloved DDG. BTW my favorite is xkdc 705. DuckDuck Go XKCD integration.

Figlet printing.

FIGlet is the program for printing large letters on a terminal. Note that figlet text works bests with fixed with fonts (basically all terminals). FIGlet is available on most Linux and Unix systems. You can also use figlet with your new favorite search engine - just type figlet Hello! and answer section will return you something like.

 _   _      _ _       _
| | | | ___| | | ___ | |
| |_| |/ _ | | |/ _ \| |
|  _  |  __| | | (_) |_|
|_| |_|\___|_|_|\___/(_)

There is also a possibility to choose your favorite font. Just type figlet font_name term. figlet starwars seqe will returns.

     _______._______  ______      _______ 
    /       |   ____|/  __  \    |   ____|
   |   (----|  |__  |  |  |  |   |  |__   
    \   \   |   __| |  |  |  |   |   __|  
.----)   |  |  |____|  `--'  '--.|  |____ 
|_______/   |_______|\_____\_____|_______|

Full database of fonts can be found at official figlet site.

Note that Duck Duck figlet works well only with a single word.


Are you looking for the best recipe for meal or drink? Well, DuckDuckGo has excellent integration with Yummly, so when you type meal/drink recipe you will get best recipes. Try it with pina colada recipe for this delicious drink. DuckDuckGo Recipes Example.


Well, I suppose that I am not only one who loves to sing. However, remembering lyrics is not as rewarding as bathroom singing. You can use song name lyrics to get lyrics with the link to the full version. Once more DDG uses third-party service (MetroLyrics) to provide your result. DuckDuckGo Lyrics example

Checking website status.

DDG uses in order get information about website status. So when you ask is a website up you will get a short report about site availability.

DuckDuckGo service status example.


This is our second DDG article; I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Because DDG is robust, there will be another article about DuckDuckGo tricks and tips.

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